Camera Talk

What camera do you use?

We've all been asked the question... and let's face it, we've all asked it as well. We know that the photographer makes the images wonderful, not the camera equipment. But deep down, we all have at least a little gear lust. And because I've had the question asked more than a couple of times... These are my Cameras...



Canon 5d Mark IV

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I've recently upgraded to the 5d system after beating up my 6d pretty good. I chose the Mark IV for its auto-focus, it's absolutely insane. I have just starting using this camera, I'll report back after some time with it. 



Canon 6d

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What a wonderful and affordable full frame DSLR. Now I wouldn't recommend this camera for everyone, for most folks looking to get into photography I usually recommend something lighter, more compact, and cheaper. But this camera produces wonderful images. It's essentially a 5d Mark III without the autofocus and much cheaper. Bonus points... Find them refurbished and their even cheaper. 



Fuji X100s

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This little guy is oh so wonderfully simple. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "Is that a film camera". It's got a retro styling with very practical controls. This camera is built with a fixed prime lens, meaning you can't change lenses nor zoom. Sounds limiting... well, it is. And that is really the beauty of it. You begin to learn how to shoot at the 35mm equivalent focal range. This camera is small and unassuming, which means it's always the camera I grab out the door. Even more important unsuspecting subjects never give it a second glance, making it a killer street photography tool.  

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