Colt's Other Side

It's obvious by looking at my rather light portfolio that I haven't been shooting weddings, engagements, or much of the sort for very long. I've always been an adventure lifestyle photographer. My passion through the years has been capturing the stories, faces, and lifestyle of the adventurous. Typically that meant I was photographing them cycling, skiing, climbing, or paddling. But... when you think about it, what I'm doing here isn't much different!

For this next chapter I'm excited to capture the stories of the adventurous, only now I'm focusing on a different aspect of life. I'm excited to utilize my same style to tell different stories.

But many of you don't know my other side. So I wanted to share with you some of the adventures I was fortunate enough to capture. From a young age, I've been passionate about the outdoors. I spend my free time in the mountains with good friends usually on a bicycle. 

Bikepacking Nepal

With a months worth of time, Tavin and I set off to see the most iconic mountain range of all time. The Himalaya. As you can imagine the Himalaya isn't the easiest cycling in the world but the landscapes, people, and experiences were definitely worth the trip. 



Cuba Con Mi Amor

Hannah and I spent two weeks biking across the dirt roads of Cuba from Vinales to Trinidad. 450 miles brought us through beautiful farmlands, small villages, colorful towns, while staying in local homestays. 


Bikepacking Peru

A two week endeavor exploring the Cordillera Blanca range of the Peruvian Andes. Up and down three large passes Hannah and I pedaled. Peru is a place that is now close to our hearts, a place that we can't wait to return to. 

Colt Fetters